Jo Bettles, BA MSc


Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Mobile: 0781 290 4170

General Experience

I specialise in education and social sciences, with experience working in the voluntary and community sector.  Qualifications include an MSc Social Research Methods and BA (Hons) Education.



I come from an agricultural background and regularly help on our family farm. I have a working knowledge of livestock farming. Study towards my MSc included developments in agriculture and social networks.

Anthropology - Social

With an MSc Social Research Methods a significant part of the course was spent looking at qualitative methods such as ethnography.

Art and Design

I have previously studied Art and Design (Graphics). This included historical development, commercial advertising and the use of various materials and processes.

Charities/Voluntary Sector

I worked for voluntary and community sector infrastructure organisations for over seven years. This included mapping services, organising forums and supporting volunteering developments.

Child Development

As a parent I have a keen interest in child development. I have also learnt about aspects of child development while studying psychology.

Cookery Books

I very much enjoy cooking and using cookery books. I have experience working in catering and I particularly like to understand how ingredients are produced.

Disability Issues

I would be very interested in indexing books around disability issues. Previously at work I have developed access to services for people who are disabled. Particular areas of interest are dyslexia and autism.

Education (All Areas)

I hold a BA (Hons) Education. I have various experience in Primary, Secondary, Further, Higher and Adult Education. My work includes teaching ICT, development work and action research.

Food and Drink

I am interested in indexing books on food and drink. Coming from a farming background I am interested in food production. I also have experience working in catering.


Having two children I have an interest in parenting texts and would welcome indexing in this area.


I have previously studied psychology including memory, attachment and artificial intelligence.

Social History

I am very interested in social history and would greatly welcome indexing in this area. Topics I have read about previously include World War II, Victorian era and prison systems.


I have studied sociology as part of my BA Education and MSc Social Research Methods.