Jane Henley, BSc


Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01908 663532
Mobile: 07919 281419
Email: jane@henleyindexing.co.uk
Website: www.henleyindexing.co.uk

General Experience

I have been a qualified indexer for 18 years. I have a chemistry degree and have worked in libraries in the pharmaceutical and higher education sectors. I subsequently worked as an information consultant for 15 years. I index science, technology and medical texts, and specialise in the chemical and  biological fields. I index specialist academic texts, school textbooks  and books aimed at the general interest level. I’m available all year and can consider rush jobs.



I have indexed many chemistry books, both at the specialist, academic level, and school book texts. Recent indexes include:
Alternative Catalytic Materials (Hargreaves), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018
Modern Methods in Solid-State NMR (Hodgkinson), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018
Intermolecular Interactions in Crystals: Fundamentals of Crystal Engineering (Novoa), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry (Goodman and Sunley), Collins Education, 2017
Natural Product Biosynthesis: Chemical Logic and Enzymatic Machinery (Walsh and Tang), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
Functional Polymer Composites with Nanoclays (Lvov et al), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017

-Medicine and Health

Recent indexes include:
Schizophrenia and Pyschoses in Later Life (Cohen and Meesters), Cambridge University Press, 2019
Infections in Pregnancy: and Evidence-Based A0pproach (Eklayd et al), Cambridge University Press, 2019
A Practical Guide to Labor and Delivery (Deering), Cambridge University Press, 2018
Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Chief Complaints and Differential Diagnosis (Jeanmonod), Cambridge University Press, 2017
Pearls and Pitfalls in Forensic Pathology: Infant and Child Death Investigation (Cummings and Trelka), Cambridge University Press, 2016
The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia 2nd ed. (Miller and Boeve), Cambridge University Press, 2016


Examples of books indexed in this subject area include:
Prokaryotic Metabolism and Physiology (Kim and Gadd), Cambridge University Press, 2018
Planetary Science and the Search for LifeS293 Book 2 Astrobiology, Open University, 2018
Cell Biology S294 Books 2 and 3, Open University, 2017
Edexcel International GCSE Biology (Clegg et al), Collins Education, 2017
Natural Product Biosynthesis: Chemical Logic and Enzymatic Machinery (Walsh and Tang), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
High Pressure Technologies in Biomass Conversion (Lukasik), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
Modern Prometheus: Editing the Human Genome with Crispr-Cas-9 (Kozubek), Cambridge University Press, 2016

Environmental Science

Recent indexes include:
Complex Ecology: Foundational Perspectives on Dynamic Approaches to Ecology and Conservation (Curtin and Timothy), Cambridge University Press, 2018
Environmental Attitudes Through Time (Berry), Cambridge University Press, 2018
Renewable Energy T313. Open University, 2017
Introduction to Galaxies and Cosmology S282 Books 1 and 2, Open University, 2015

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Recent indexes include:
Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services: Standards Handbook (Beaney), Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2016
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease: Scientific Discoveries and New Therapies (Peplow et al), Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015
Handbook of ICU Therapy 3rd ed. (Fuller et al), Cambridge University Press, 2014

Sciences (All Areas)

Recent indexes include:
Science, Technology and Maths Access Module Y033, Open University, 2018
Integrated Science for Jamaica Grade 9 (Chung-Harris), Macmillan Education, 2018
Cambridge IGCSE Combined Sciences (Bradley et al), Collins Education, 2017
Integrated Science of CSEC Examinations 3rd ed. (Chung), Macmillan Education, 2017

Related qualifications

BSc Hons Chemistry
Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I use embedded indexing for Cambridge University Press texts using the Word embedding tool

Recent indexes include

Hargreaves, Justin S.J. et al eds., Alternative Catalytic Materials, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018
Cohen, Carl I. and Meesters, Paul D. eds., Schizophrenia and Psychoses in Later Life, Cambridge University Press, 2019
Kim, Byung Hong and Gadd, Geoffrey M, Prokaryotic Metabolism and Physiology, Cambridge University Press, 2018

Clients Include

Royal Society of Chemistry
Cambridge University Press
Open University
Macmillan Education
Collins Education

Special Publication Type

School Books

I have indexed a large number of school textbooks for publishers including Macmillan Education and Collins Education