Jane Henley


Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01908 663532
Mobile: 07919 281419
Email: jane@henleyindexing.co.uk
Website: www.henleyindexing.co.uk

General Experience

I have been a qualified indexer for 17 years. I have a chemistry degree and have worked in the pharmaceutical and higher education sectors. I worked as an information consultant for 15 years. I specialise in the physical, biological and medical sciences. Short deadlines always considered. I’m available all year.


Related qualifications

BSc Hons Chemistry

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I use the Cambridge University Press system

Recent indexes include

Novoa, Juan J. ed.,

Interactions in Crystals: Fundamentals of Crystal Engineering

, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017

S294 Cell Biology

, Open University, 2017
Jeanmonod, Rebecca et al eds.,

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Chief Complaints and Differential Diagnosis

, Cambridge University Press, 2017

Clients Include

Royal Society of Chemistry
Cambridge University Press
Open University
Macmillan Education
Collins Education

Special Publication Type