Helen Iddles, BA (Hons)


Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Mobile: 07811 094524
Email: helen@hi-indexing.co.uk

General Experience

I have been indexing books in the arts and humanities since 2009 (achieving Advanced Professional Member status in 2012) and have a keen interest in a broad range of subjects, particularly gardening, food and drink, children’s books, biography, sustainable living, animal husbandry/behaviour, conservation and wildlife.  Deadlines are always met.   I welcome long or short term projects, am available all year round and will accommodate short notice work wherever possible.





I have indexed a wide range of gardening books from general guides (RHS Colour Companion; RHS Gardening School; Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Garden Diary; RHS Genealogy for Gardeners etc) to specialist texts (Flora Americana, Collins Fungi Guide, Plants That Kill). Any spare time is happily spent in the garden! I am particularly interested in wildlife-friendly garden design and growing edibles and cut flowers.

-Food and Nutrition

With a passion for cooking and growing edibles, I have a plot to plate philosophy. Indexes include Cooking to Share (Alexandra Stratou), The New City of London Cookbook (Peter Gladwin), The World of Cognac (Michelle Brachet), Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo (Jo Hampson, Georgina Perkins). I welcome any texts in these areas:
– Cookery Books
– Food and Drink
– Gastronomy
– Home Economics
– Horticulture
– Nutrition and Food Science


A lifelong love of pets and animals in general has led to a strong interest in animal behaviour and how this knowledge can help humans enhance their pets’ lives. Indexes include Fit Dog (Arden Moore), Fit Cat (Arden Moore), Wisdom for Hen Keepers (Chris Graham), The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver (J Tew) and Wisdom for Beekeepers (J Tew).


Collector of both vintage and more recent teddy bears and would welcome an opportunity to index any related texts.


A personal interest in both ballet and contemporary dance. Indexes include Dance Matters in Ireland: Contemporary Dance Performance and Practice (Aoife McGrath, Emma Meehan).


I have indexed many craft books including titles on knitting, crochet, sewing, paper marking, jewellery making, fat quarter projects, woodland crafts, woodwork etc.

Interior Design

Indexes include Bohemian Style at Home (Kate Young), Illuminate (Natalia Price-Cabrera), Mid-Century Modern at Home (D C Hillier), Scandinavian Style at Home (Allan Torp).

Knitting and Crochet

I have worked on many indexes, recent titles include Cute Crocheted Animals (Emma Varna), Monster Hats (Vanessa Mooncie), Granny Squares Home (Emma Varnam), 100 Little Knitted Projects (Sarah Keen).


Titles include Drone Photography and Video Masterclass (Fergus Kennedy), Underwater Photography Masterclass (Alex Mustard), View Across the Landscape (Peter Watson), Composition in the Landscape (Peter Watson).


Animal husbandry books include Wisdom for Hen Keepers (Chris Graham), The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver (J Tew) and Wisdom for Beekeepers (J Tew). A strong interest in conservation and wildlife.

Natural History

I lifelong love of wildlife and natural history. Indexes include Wilding (Isabella Tree), The Eagle Owl (Poyser Monographs), titles from the Collins New Naturalist Library series (Marches, Grasshoppers and Crickets) and Collins Fungi Guide.

Education (All Areas)

I have worked on many Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level titles including the AQA A Level History series (OUP), AQA A Level Psychology (OUP), Cambridge O Level English Language Coursebook, Living Faiths series (OUP).

I have also supplied both indexes to children’s text books and books on primary education methods including Hooked on Books (Jane Considine), The Write Stuff (Jane Considine), War in Afghanistan and Iraq (Gerry and Janet Souter) and Weather in 30 Seconds (Dr Jen Green, Tom Woolley).

I particularly welcome work in:
– Early Years/Primary Education
– Secondary Education
– Further/Continuing Education
– Adult Education/Lifelong Learning
– Study Skills
– Teaching

-History and The Past

I have worked on a wide range of social history titles covering fly fishing, golf, motor racing and World Wars I and II including: History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies (Ian Whitelaw), Open Fever (Hart McLeod), World War II at Sea (Jeremy Harwood); World War Two from Above (Jeremy Harwood). Also, AQA A Level History series (OUP).

-Sports and Games

A keen walker. Also tennis/tennis coaching and riding (a long time ago!) and would welcome any work in these and other areas of sport. Indexes include Principles of Riding (German National Equestrian Federation), Rider Biomechanics (Mary Wanless), Open Fever (Hart McLeod).

Related qualifications

BA (Hons)
MSocInd (Adv)

Recent indexes include

Simon Akeroyd & Ross Bayton, RHS Gardening School, Mitchell Beazley
Dr Ross Bayton & Richard Sneesby, RHS Colour Companion, Mitchell Beazley
Dr Elizabeth A. Dauncey & Dr Sonny Larsson, Plants That Kill, Princeton University Press
Jane Considine, Hooked on Books, The Training Space Ltd
Richard Bradbury, Mastering Child Portrait Photography, Ammonite Press
Chris Gatcum, Mastering Film Photography, Ammonite Press
Peter Gladwin, The New City of London Cookbook, Peter Gladwin
Kate Young, Bohemian Style at Home, Thames & Hudson Ltd

Clients Include

Ammonite Press
Bloomsbury Publishing plc
Bright Press
GMC Publications Ltd
Hart McLeod
Kaiote Creative Design
Macmillan Publishers International Ltd
Oxford University Press
Quarto Publishing Plc
Quid Publishing Ltd
Quiller Publishing Ltd
TechType I also work directly with authors

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

I welcome texts in this area. Indexes: The Enigma of Kidson (Jamie Blackett), Open Fever (Hart McLeod).

Children's Books And Materials

I welcome work in this area. Indexes: Be Your Best Self (Danielle Brown, Nathan Kai), War in Afghanistan and Iraq (Gerry and Janet Souter) and Weather in 30 Seconds (Dr Jen Green, Tom Woolley).

Diaries And Letters

I welcome work in this area.