Georgina Bowden, BSc (Hons)


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General Experience

Indexing for nearly 10 years. Graduate in Geophysical Science, core subjects being geophysics, environmental science, physics and maths. Main area of interest is earth science and environment but I’m happy to index non-specialist texts in a broad range of subjects. Willing to take on work at short notice.


Earth Sciences

Geophysical Science BSc (Hons) – covering atmospheric science, geology and oceanography. Specialist subjects include exploration geophysics, solid earth geophysics, and seismology with a particularly keen interest in volcanoes. Previous indexes in subjects ranging from planetary science and geology to oceanography and glaciology, for example The Drift of Sea Ice (Springer).


A core part of my degree in Geophysical Science. I have always been interested in rocks and how the earth works. Previous indexes include Between Rocks and Hard Places: Discovering Ireland’s Northern Landscapes (TSO)

Environmental Science

Studied as part of my degree. Indexes covering various subjects ranging from geology to ocean science and a number of indexes on wastewater management including Treatment of Micropollutants in Water and Wastewater (IWA Publishing).


Studied as part of my degree. I have a keen interest in all things weather related. Recent indexes include RYA Weather Handbook.

Geography - Physical

Studied as part of my degree. I have always been interested in the landscape and physical processes of the natural world. Previous indexes covering subjects such as landscape, coastal processes and water management.


Studied cosmology and planetary science as part of my degree. Previous indexes include Cosmosapiens – Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe (Duckworth).


Core part of my degree in Geophysical Science – especially electromagnetism, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Previous indexes include textbooks and a physics study guide.


Studied as part of my degree. Previous indexes covering mathematical modelling plus a number of secondary school textbooks.

Sciences (All Areas)

Although my main area of interest is in geosciences and physics I have produced indexes covering aspects of biology, chemistry and more general science. Science A History in 100 Experiments (HarperCollins)


Interest in history and archaeology. Previous indexes include Rathlin Island: An Archaeological Survey of a Maritime Landscape (TSO).

Genealogy/Family History

10 plus years of personal research and indexing projects for a local heritage association.

Knitting and Crochet

Learnt to crochet over 15 years ago – haven’t stopped since. I would be interested to do some indexing in this field.

Sewing and Dressmaking

I’ve been sewing and making clothes for nearly 20 years – upcycling and using patterns. I would be interested to do some indexing in this field.

Recent indexes include

Claire Grey, Making Their Mark On Three Continents: The Story of the Dearie-Russell Family, Snapshot Stories, May 2019
M. K. BouDagher-Fadel, Evolution and Geological Significance of Larger Benthic Foraminifera (2nd Edition), UCL Press, April 2018
Chris Tibbs, RYA Weather Handbook, Royal Yachting Association, 2017

Clients Include

IWA Publishing
CRC Press
Royal Yachting Association

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School Books


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