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General Experience

Over twenty five years’ experience indexing social sciences, education and health texts.   Multi-authored and multi-disciplinary works welcomed.


Education (All Areas)

Recent indexes include Illeris, K. Contemporary Theories of Learning (Routledge)

Social Sciences (All Areas)

Recent indexes include Fraser, N. and Jaeggi, R. Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory (Polity Press)

Child Development

Recent indexes include Lloyd, S. Building Sensorimotor Systems in Children with Developmental Trauma (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Crime and Criminology

Recent indexes include Gallard, D. et al. Children and Their Education in Secure Accommodation (Routledge)

Development Studies

Recent indexes include Jones, L. and Bramm, A. (eds) Women’s Economic Empowerment (Practical Action Publishing)

Disability Issues

Recent indexes include Jacobs, D.S. Safety and Consent for Kids and Teens with Autism or Special Needs (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Gender Studies

Recent indexes include Anitha, S. and Pearson, R. Striking Women: Struggles and Strategies of South Asian Women Workers from Grunwick to Gate Gourmet (Lawrence & Wishart)

International Law

Recent indexes include De Lucia, V. The ‘Ecosystem Approach’ in International Environmental Law (Routledge)

International Relations

Recent indexes include Dietrich, C.R.W. A Companion to U.S. Foreign Policy (Wiley)

Media Studies

Recent indexes include Healey, J. Trauma Reporting: A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Sensitive Stories (Routledge)


Recent indexes include Edwards, M. Civil Society (4e) (Polity Press)


Recent indexes include Gualtieri, C.T. Obsessive Compulsions (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)


Recent indexes include Warwick-Booth, L. Social Inequality (2e) (Sage Publications)

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Polity Press
Practical Action Publishing
Sage Publications
Taylor & Francis/Routledge

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