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General Experience

Over twenty years’ experience indexing social sciences, education and health texts.   Multi-authored and multi-disciplinary works welcomed.


Education (All Areas)

Recent indexes include Thomas, G. How To Do Your Research Project 3e (Sage Publications)

Social Sciences (All Areas)

Recent indexes include Brown, C. Critical Social Theory (Sage Publications)

Child Development

Recent indexes include Gabriel, N. The Sociology of Early Childhood (Sage Publications)

Crime and Criminology

Recent indexes include Felson, M. Introductory Criminology: The Study of Risky Situations (Routledge)

Development Studies

Recent indexes include Lawson, D. et al. (eds) What Works for Africa’s Poorest (Practical Action Publishing)

Disability Issues

Recent indexes include Watchman, K. Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Gender Studies

Recent indexes include Henry, D. Trans Voices (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Healthcare Management

Recent indexes include Ash, A. Whistleblowing and Ethics in Health and Social Care (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

International Law

Recent indexes include Weiss, T.G. Would the World Be Better Without the UN? (Polity Press)

International Relations

Recent indexes include Pasha, M.K. Islam and International Relations (Routledge)

Media Studies

Recent indexes include Luther, C.A. et al. Diversity in US Mass Media 2e (Wiley Blackwell)


Recent indexes include Lowenthal, M.M. The Future of Intelligence (Polity Press)


Recent indexes include Sturmey, P. (ed) The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression


Recent indexes include McCrone, D. The New Sociology of Scotland (Sage Publications)

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Polity Press
Practical Action Publishing
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