Christopher Brian Bailey

Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

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Phone: 01782 302764
Mobile: 07890 072453

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General Experience

I have been involved with indexing from 2008, when I joined a small press and editorial services provider. I had some initial training from experienced in-house staff and later gained Society of Indexers  accreditation in November 2013 and then Advanced Professional Membership in March 2017.




Social Sciences (All Areas)

I have indexed many titles in the humanities and social sciences field.


I have studied Christianity at some depth and I have been involved within the Baptist tradition for many years.

Religious Studies

I have indexed a numbers of books on Islam and I personally find it interesting to study other faiths.

Recent indexes include

Uriel A. and Kornprobst M. (Eds.),

Communication, Legitimation and Morality in Modern Politics

, Routledge, 2017
Julie Samuels,

Adoption in the Digital Age – Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century

, Pelgrave, 2017
Marco Cenzatti and Margaret Crawford (Eds.),

Urbanization In China

, Routledge, 2017
Thomas D. C. Bennett and Daithí Mac Síthigh,

The Campbell Legacy

, Routledge, 2017
Paul B. Rich, Richard Burchill (Eds.),

Jihadist Insurgent Movements

, Routledge, 2017
John Heathershaw, Alexander Cooley,

Offshore Central Asia

, Routledge, 2017
Christine Hackenesch,

The EU and China in African Authoritarian Regimes: Domestic Politics and Governance Reforms

, Pelgrave, 2017
H van Emden, R Harrington (Eds.),

Aphids as Crop Pests

, Routledge, 2017
John W. Berry and David L. Sam (Eds),

Cross-Cultural Psychology

, Routledge, 2017
Amira Mittermaier (Eds),

The Afterlife in the Arab Spring

, Routledge, 2017

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