Cheryl Hunston, MA (Oxon)

Location: Worcestershire

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01386881244
Mobile: 01386881244
Fax: 01386881244

General Experience

I qualified as an indexer in 2014 and was joint winner of the Betty Moys prize for best new indexer of 2013. I have a degree in English Language and Literature from Balliol College, Oxford, and an MA in Literature from the Open University. I enjoy indexing books on any aspect of English and foreign literature and culture. I am especially interested in the literature and culture of Spain and Latin America. I am also able to index books in other areas of the Arts and Humanities.



Literature and Poetry In English

I have a BA in English language and literature from Oxford University and an MA in literature from the Open University. I have indexed a variety of books on the subject including The Alvarez Generation by William Wootten (Liverpool University Press); Wonderlands: The Last Romances of William Morris by Phillippa Bennett (Peter Lang); How to Write Like Tolstoy by R. Cohen (Penguin Random House)

Literature and Poetry In Foreign Languages

I enjoy reading literature in translation and have indexed Reading Women in Late Medieval Europe by Alfred Thomas (Palgrave Macmillan). I frequently read literature in Spanish and have recently indexed Contemporary Central American Fiction by Jeffrey Browitt (Sussex Academic Press)

Art History

A personal interest. I have attended a Society of Indexers workshop on this topic.

Related qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Information and Library Studies

Recent indexes include

Jeffrey Browitt, Contemporary Central American Fiction, Sussex Academic Press, 2017
Marco Jowell, Peacekeeping in Africa, I.B. Tauris, 2018
Fiona Macintosh (ed.), Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century, Oxford University Press, 2018
Alfred Thomas, Shakespeare, Catholicism and the Middle Ages, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
Angel Miguel Ruiz Carnicer, From Franco to Freedom: The Roots of the Transition to Democracy in Spain, Sussex Academic Press, 2018
Helena Reckitt, Art of Feminism , Tate Publishing, 2019
R.K. Britton, ‘Don Quixote’ and the Subversive Tradition of Golden Age Spain, Sussex Academic Press, 2019
Dahlia Simangan, International Peacebuilding and Local Involvement, Routledge , 2019

Clients Include

Palgrave Macmillan, Sussex Academic Press, Penguin Random House, Liverpool University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Bloomsbury