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General Experience

I have been indexing since 2015 and have worked on a variety of books including BTEC textbooks (management, information technology and applied science) and academic books (management, education and languages).
Originally I was a librarian in the engineering industry, and followed this by working as a Human Factors Consultant, specifying the requirements for IT systems, and evaluating their usability. I moved on to teach adults basic literacy, supporting many learners with dyslexia. I have studied several languages (French, Latin, Greek and Russian) and I am now working on improving my French and German.
I have extensive practical experience in textile handicrafts, particularly embroidery, quilting and lacemaking, but also dressmaking, knitting, crochet and spinning. I also have a good knowledge of topics such as history, art, walking and sailing.



MBA (Warwick University, 1998). Experience working in research and development, in particular the use of information technology at work and the management of remote workers. Indexes include: BTEC Business Student Books, Business Model Innovation .


Experience working as a project manager in research and development. Indexes include BTEC Business Student Books, Working with Venues for Events, Qualitative Methods in Tourism Research, Working with External Quality Standards and Awards


Experience as Human Factors Consultant, specifying user requirements and evaluating usability. Indexes include a BTEC IT Level 3 student book and Learning Engineering for Online Education

Education (All Areas)

PGCE (2011) and QTLS (2012). Experience working in Adult Community Learning and Further Education. Indexes include Contemporary Debates in Education Studies, Learning Engineering for Online Education and textbooks on drama, event management and BTEC courses on management, IT and applied science.

Adult Education/Lifelong Learning

Promoted lifelong learning in public libraries, mainly basic skills and family history research and taught literacy in Adult Community Learning and the local Army Garrison.

Special Needs Education

Experience teaching Literacy in Adult Community Learning, supporting many learners with specific learning difficulties, in particular dyslexia.


L5 Certificate in Teaching Literacy & ESOL (2012). Experience in teaching literacy. Indexes include Contemporary Debates in Education Studies, Learning Engineering for Online Education

Linguistics - Applied

Experienced and qualified in teaching English to adults. Enthusiastic learner of foreign languages, currently focusing on French and German. Indexes include: Scripts of Servitude; Voice- Onstage and Off, Speaking Up


Extensive practical experience in textile crafts, particularly embroidery and lacemaking, including both construction and design. Qualified with a diploma (Level 3) in Design and Craft – Constructed textiles (Lacemaking) (2012). Also experienced in dressmaking, quilting, knitting, crochet and spinning. Indexes include Suffolk Lace and the Lacemakers of Eye


Experienced in embroidery, lacemaking and dressmaking. Indexes include Fashion Curating

Knitting and Crochet

Good knowledge of modern and traditional knitting and crochet.

Sewing and Dressmaking

Experienced in embroidery, quilting and dressmaking.


Indexes include: The Left’s Jewish Problem, Summer Madness; Power and Pragmatism (Malcolm Rifkind); Taking it on the Chin (Tom Pendry), Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia

Related qualifications

BSc Information Science (Leeds Polytechnic, 1977)

Other skills

Recent indexes include

A. Vänskä & H. Clark, Fashion Curating , Bloomsbury, 2018
B. P. Lorente, Scripts of Servitude , Multilingual Matters, 2018
E. Nolan, Working with Venues for Events , Routledge, 2018
M. Wijermars, Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia , Routledge, 2019
M. Edele, The Soviet Union: A Short History, Wiley, 2018

Clients Include

Biteback Publishing
Multilingual Matters

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

Indexes of biographies include: Jane Austen. The Banker’s Sister; The Life and Works of John Napier; The Greatest Comeback (Béla Guttmann); From Colonial Warrior to Western Front Flyer (Sydney Bywater Harris)
Indexes of memoirs include: Power and Pragmatism (Malcolm Rifkind); Taking it on the Chin (Tom Pendry)


Indexes include textbooks on drama, event management and BTEC courses on management, IT and applied science.