Arnia Van Vuuren

Location: DURBAN

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: +27 31 4664019
Mobile: +27 83 2712919

General Experience

I taught Sociology and English for many years. I have been indexing for three years and have indexed books on Anthropology, Political Studies, History, Current Affairs, Migration Studies, Gender Studies, Media Studies, Rural Development, Green Building and Botany for South African and overseas authors and publishers. I also do biodiversity monitoring and bird monitoring as part of the Environmental Impact Assessments for proposed infrastructure projects and alternative energy plants. In my free time I enjoy beadwork with seed beads, embroidery and bobbin lacemaking and I am an avid birder.



I have a Ph D in Sociology and have teaching and indexing experience in Sociology.

Anthropology - Social

I have indexed academic texts in Anthropology covering different countries and continents.

Media Studies

I have indexed various academic texts in media studies.


I have indexed texts covering local and international politics as well as current affairs and topics of interest in specific countries.

Environmental Science

I have practical experience in biodiversity monitoring, environmental impact assessments, environmental education, and projects seeking to combine conservation of the natural environment with rural development and urban infrastructure projects.

History (All Areas)

Apart from an interest in history I have indexed books on South African and European history.

Related qualifications

D Litt et Phil (Sociology)
BA Hons (Social Work)

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I have done a number of embedded indexes for Cambridge University Press as well as other publishers.

Recent indexes include

GASCOIGNE, J., Science and the State, from the Scientific Revolution to WW2., CUP, 2018
CUNNINGHAM, M.B. & ARENTZEN, T. (eds), The reception of the Virgin in Byzantium, Marian narratives in text and images., CUP, 2019
MKHIZE, S.M., Principle and pragmatism in the liberation struggle: a political biography of Selby Msimang., HSRC Press, 2019
MARK, J., 1989: A global history of Eastern Europe., CUP, 2019

Special Publication Type


Most of my indexing experience so far has been academic texts and books aimed at a general readership.

Manuals And Handbooks

I have indexed training materials and legal requirements for the Green Building industry.