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Tutor Profiles

Caroline Barlow started her career as an information scientist with research organizations. On going freelance she trained as a database indexer for physical science databases. She is a Fellow of the Society of Indexers, her main indexing subjects being chemistry, engineering, health and safety, materials science and physics. A former peripatetic music teacher, Caroline continues to lead saxophone workshops and to play clarinet and saxophone in various orchestras, chamber ensembles and dance bands. 


Wendy Baskett qualified as an indexer in 2009, and is an Advanced Member of the Society of Indexers.  In theory her specialist subjects are theology and chemistry (having degrees in both), but in practice she finds herself indexing books in a wide range of subjects, including social sciences, art and business studies. Prior to indexing she spent 20 years as a minister in the United Reformed Church where her interests included education and training. She is currently Chair of the SI’s Continuing Professional Development committee. She enjoys cooking, singing, painting and researching her family history.


Ann Hudson has been indexing for 30 years. She specialises in archaeology, history of art and architecture, local history and related subjects, indexing both books and periodicals, and her published indexes range from 1 to 202 pages. She is the SI Practical Indexing Assignment Co-ordinator, and a regular workshop leader, ‘live’ and online, for indexers at all levels. She also runs workshops on indexing for publishers and for freelance editors and proofreaders. In her spare time she enjoys singing, watercolour painting and foreign travel.


Jane Read began the SI training course in 2002, after reading an article about indexing and thinking 'I could do that', and qualified in 2005. She got involved in training as a result of having a PGCE and making herself conspicuous at Yorkshire Group meetings. Her first degree is in linguistics and her pre-indexing career included 14 years in academic librarianship, so she mostly indexes academic books on linguistics and higher education, although she does accept other subjects if the price is right and she thinks she can do a good job; for example, academic works on philosophy, archaeology and Hasidic Jews and school textbooks in physical education, engineering and food technology. In her 'spare' time she is a member of York Opera and writes short stories.


Jan Worrall came to indexing from a career in librarianship and qualified as an indexer in 1999 by passing the 2nd edition of the SI Training Course. She is the SI Training Course Co-ordinator, has been involved in the delivery of training and workshops since 2004, and has been an online tutor since 2007. She indexes books mainly in the social sciences: education, psychology, and health and social care, and also some other specialist areas including childcare and child development, counselling, business text books, biology and music. Leisure interests include art appreciation, theatre trips and singing.








































































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