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Local groups

The Society of Indexers’ Local Groups aim to give members in a particular area the opportunity to meet, communicate, hold workshops and seminars and promote the Society. They are an excellent means of involving more members in Society activities and of providing mutual support and encouragement. A full list of all forthcoming meetings is listed, with more detail on individual group pages.

The coordinators of the local groups will be meeting in London on Wednesday 29th June at 12:00 at O'Neills pub, 73-77 Euston Road, NW1 2QS (just opposite Kings Cross & St Pancras stations).

Workshops for local groups

SI local groups are encouraged to arrange workshops on a date and in a venue to suit their members. Details are here.

Public Liability Insurance

The SI office insurance policy includes Public Liability Insurance for local group meetings. See here for further details.

Local groups

There are local groups in the following regions and counties:


There are no group coordinators for Ireland or South Wales. These groups run as email discussion groups at present. If anyone is interested in setting up a group to cover these areas, or a part of these areas, please do contact the Groups Co-ordinator.

Groups Co-ordinator

The Groups Co-ordinator is always pleased to hear from anyone with an idea for a new group or any other comments or suggestions.


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