Volume 12 Number 1, April 1980ISSN 0019-4131 (print)
 ISSN 1756-0632 (online)
The International Journal of Indexing
PDF file 1 Indexers forgather: conferences and courses
PDF file 1 A very great book
PDF file 3 Structure in database indexing James D. Anderson
PDF file 14 Evaluating indexing systems: a review after Cranfield John J. Regazzi
PDF file 21 Specialized vocabularies
PDF file 22 A survey of Australian indexing: some observations Clyde Garrow
PDF file 26 Indexers in fiction: Jeeves: a gentleman's personal gentleman
PDF file 27 Indexing as hard labor: 'Convict indexing' in the 1880s Joseph Drazon
PDF file 28 Letter to the Editor: Must indexes be typed?
PDF file 28 Law on information
PDF file 29 Indexes of children's books in Australia: a second look Brenda Miller
PDF file 33 The pursuit of knowledge: Tom's midnight garden
PDF file 34 Indexing Pepys' Diary Robert C. Latham and Rosalind Latham
PDF file 36 Activities of the Canadian Society: June 1978-June 1979 Peter E. Greig
PDF file 39 Indexes reviewed: extracts from reviews
PDF file 45 Book reviews
PDF file 53 Books received and books noted
PDF file 54 Bias in indexing: The pendulum years